The company "Les Pierres du Bonheur" works with
contacts all over the world to be able to propose you:

1) Gemstones of the top of the range.
As well the most famous gemstones: ruby, sapphires, emeralds, opals, tourmalines... that the rarest gemstones: tsavorite garnets, demantoïde garnets...                 
The most classic forms: round, oval, trillion that the most stylized: fancy cut.
We try at the most to propose gemstones untreated and unheated. And we undertake to reveal every possible types of human intervention (heat, treatments...).

You are a private individual and you wish to possess a quality jewel? Why not to buy a unique gemstone and to make it rise by your jeweler?

We offer you a service including a very good knowledge of gemstones and a range of price lists of the most accessible to the most expensive.

You are a jeweler? Don't hesitate to contact us to reach preferential prices. In travel in Clermont-Ferrand, call us for visit our store!


2) The sale of old documents on the geology, the mineralogy, the mining, the jewelry, the gemology, the vulcanology…

Rare books of the XVIth at the end of the XIXth, to books with limited editions of the 1900s in our days. As well in French, as in Latin, in English, and in Germanic Language.

But also extremely rare manuscripts, engravings...


3) The sale of minerals, of French or international deposits.

Old stones of Cabinets of Curiosities (XVIth to XVIIIth) to new discoveries.

Mineral species of the most common to more rarest.



A show-room to discover our collections:

You wish to see our stones and discuss of your project? Come to meet us in our store situated in the heart of the volcanic chain of Auvergne, in the historic center of Clermont-Ferrand (63), 06 street Massillon, next to the tourist office.

Only by appointment.